Pimp Your Shed


Customise to your own requirements:

Design a Home Office, a Studio, a Library, a Planting Room, a Retreat, an Escape!

Fur lined door? Gold hinges? Revolving stand? We have the Upgrades for you.

Have one double the size!  Customise your own Beach hut to your hearts content.  We will provide all the advice and many of the materials required.

How to Create a new work space. We Offer:

- Tongue and Groove Wax Oiled Insulated flooring.
- A range of double glazed doors and windows.
- Builders Membrane Lining.
- Roofing Upgrades – Profile or Corrugated Steel in a variety of Colours.
- Even a Grass Roof if you want it!

Just phone up and get a free consultation and quote:

Double the size.
Link them together.

Have a French window to look out of. Glaze one of the walls? We can help.

Add a window to the door. Change the details.
Add your own touches.

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    they are fabulous


  • pippa Gillard


    Fabulous site, wonderful concept, gorgeous product….huge congratulations.


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